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Terms of cooperation artists with STEA

Leave your CV on our website

To cooperate with our agency you need to send your CV, photos and videos to us. You can use one of the following ways:


Your application will be considered and published in 1-5 days on our agency website base.

  The Resume:
The application must be filled in English language.
  The Photos:
Not less than 5, including photos of working process. Your face and your figure must be clearly represented. The photos must be of a good quality, without any logos or contact information. Photos don’t have to be edited, it isn’t necessary to take photos in a special studio.
  The Video is obligatory!
It must be uploaded on YouTube. Videos uploaded on other websites won’t be considered. If you don’t have a video, record one of your training, rehearsal or your performance. Without a video your chances to find a good position are considerably less. Your video must be without any logos or contact information.
Photos and links of your video are attached to the application form. If you have no opportunity to upload a video on YouTube send it to





The information received from you is processed and checked by our experts. Within 1-5 days it will be published on our website in the section — «Our artists». If we have any questions we will contact you.  Searching operation is carried out all around the world as soon as we have new job offers from the employers. We always find out about all the working terms in details. Employers choose an artist on the website and send them an offer  or we do it ourselves. Then we contact the artist and the employer to confirm all the details and sign the contract via Skype, telephone or email.  There are certain working standards in foreign contracts. For better understanding look through the working conditions and contract standards, please:

  Contract conditions

For artists:

• Provision of your own program
For the whole period of the contact artists perform their own programs or shows in their own costumes and periodically or if it’s necessary create new ones.
• Performance of the employer’s programs
The employer hires artist to work for their own show. In this case it isn’t necessary to have your own costumes and programs. Artists must be in a good shape and ready to study.

Country and city

There are two possible ways of working abroad:
• Artists work in one city for the whole period of contract.
• For the whole period of contract artists can work in different cities, periodically changing places of work. If there’s a long distance between the cities, artists work in tours from a week to a mounth in one city.

Places of work

• Circuses
• Parks
• Cruise liners
• Hotels
• Night clubs
• Concert stages

Duration of the contract

From 3 months to a year.


Salary depends on professional skills, on performance style, on the presence and the quality of the costumes and on the artist’s appearance. An artist can get the salary once a week or a month, sometimes it can be given daily.


The employer provides all the conditions for the legal work and completely provides visa support.
There are two ways to open a working visa
• An artist can apply all the necessary documents to the embassy or representation in their country. Visa is usually opened from 5 to 20 working days. All the expenses are paid by an artist. Then, as soon as they arrive to another country and show the receipt with the total sum, the employer pays all the costs. We support artists with all the documents and visa registration.
• The employer provides the information and the financial assistance in obtaining a visa. Visa works as soon as they arrive to another country. Visa is opened in 5-20 days after applying all the necessary documents.


• The employer buys the tickets
• The employer buys the tickets on credit. In this case the cost of the ticket is deducted from the artist’s salary during several months after the start of work.


The employer pays for accommodation and provides it to the artist. According to the contract conditions, artists can live in hotels, rented flats (houses), in the cabin on a cruise ship or in a caravan if it is a touring circus.

Additional Information

The employer may specify additional requirements for the artist or working conditions.


If you have any questions you can contact us in any convenient way through the section — Contact.


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