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STEA (ShowTime Entertainment Agency) is professionally engaged in search for working places for artists who are interested in working around the world. Foreign employers can always hire dancers of all the styles, acrobats, aerialists, magicians and illusionists, other circus acts, show-groups, choreographers, musicians and singers.

We work with the following foreign companies:


Our company works with any representatives of foreign companies who are ready to grant decent salaries to artists, good accommodation, legal and save work.

We don’t work with the employers:


Termd of cooperation

To carry out full cooperation with foreign employers our company signs a contract where all the terms of giving and getting the service are mentioned.

The employers must provide:

1. The name of the company
2. A copy of the document that confirms the registration of your company (it must be certified according to your country laws)
3. A certified copy of working resolution for every employee
4. Contact and passport data of the director, of the manager or of the art-director, who will negotiate with the representatives of our agency and who will be in charge for the artist’s work
5. Business address of your company
6. The contract between your company and an artist, where all the duties of both sides and sanctions for any defaults must be mentioned.
7. The licenses and documents that your company has to work in this sphere and hire employees.

At the conclusion of the contact on a foreign trip for an artist the employer must pay for:

Medical insurance
Both ways tickets

If you have any questions you can contact us in any convenient way through the section — Contact.

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