Creation of STEA

I am the founder and CEO of STEA (ShowTime Entertainment Agency). My name is Evgeniya. I am from Russia, from a wonderful city called Krasnodar in the South of Russia.

A brief introduction of me:

At the age of 6 my parents took me to play sport. They just wanted me to be healthy. That was the main reason. I did gymnastics and attended dance classes. In a couple of years I understood that something I really wanted to go was gymnastics. So I had to give up dancing because I just didn’t have so much time.

At the age of 14 I obtained the title of Master of Sports. I realized that I couldn’t imagine my life without sport. 

So after leaving school, I entered the University of Physical Education. In my first year I was proposed to work for The Old Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. I worked for 4 years there. I was on tours in the USA and Canada and then I clearly defined my future profession. I understood that I just couldn’t live without circus arena, stage, adrenaline and emotions that I got from spectators!

After graduation from the University I got a contract for a work abroad on different stages – in circus, in theaters, in parks, on liners. I have visited a lot countries, met lots of interesting people and real professionals.

But I sometimes had some problems with the terms of my contract. And I also had some misunderstandings with the agents who helped me to find a job. Sometimes when I came to a foreign country to work I understood that my agent concealed some important details about the working conditions, about the duration of my contract (because sometimes you sign a contract in another country), etc. I was so upset then and it was very unpleasant. I am a perfectionist, and I want everything to be clear, honest and perfect!

The agent must be responsible for the artists! They must help to solve the ambiguous situations between the employer and the artist as well. So my advice is to choose reliable, responsible, conscientious and experienced specialists. 

After many years of work as a stage-artist, after a lot of contracts and collaboration with many agencies and groups, I decided to help the artists who are like me to find a good contract abroad with reliable companies and good working conditions. And I  have changed my qualification from an artist to an agent.

My purpose is to become a really good, reliable professional and work with people not only for the period of one contact but for the whole life!


Go forward to your dream
and STEA will help you.


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